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Wednesday evening 11km  Time Trial -TT session will run for 10 weeks and is open to registered Club members with TI license. 

Time trials TT's are great for a lot of triathletes as they help develop the following: 

1: Data gathering for race pace

2: Dedicated aero practice 

3: Race simulation

4: Develop mental strength 

  • This is standing start TT, (you will support your own bike)

  • Choose the time that works for you between 7and 8pm.- there are 31 time slots 2 minutes apart.

  • Please arrive 1 minute before your start time, and wait 2 mtrs back from the athlete in front of you.

  • If you are running late please txt the organiser so we can rearrange an arrival time.

  • Call your number passing the finish line and continue your cycle back to you car/ home.

  • The results will be posted online that evening.

ALL members will be required to follow the government guidelines on  COVID-19 re social distancing and general hygiene. Register via the link provided in the club app.

TT League Week 4 Results

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