Our Club Coach - Ger Vowles

I believe in the eduction of athletes as this is key to making them better, all too often I have seen numbers of athletes blindly following training plans and sessions but not understanding why or how a particular session improves them or is of benefit to them. Understanding also that from  constructive feedback we grow, and develop and that listening to your body at times, it does tell you to rest and recover. I believe that if you know why the how is easier.

My entry in triathlon was a slow one.  In the early 2000's while I was trying to stay fit and healthy, I was working away from home and travelling abroad consistently for work. While this was interesting being able to commit to and train for events, was impaired completely. A change in role in the company, opened the door to commit to and train events. I started with running and eventually into duathlon events. As work was based in Dublin for 4 days a week, time at home was family orientated. There were always events well attended over the summer months and the Belmont Tri duathlon series, the Pluse Tri, Bull wall aquathon series, Howth aquathon series became great go to events.

This is where I started to transition from a single eventer into a triathlete. I joined Piranha Triathlon and as they a say it the rest is history. Over the last number of years, I have completed 2 Ironman races, 6 middle distance (half Ironman), 6 marathons, 12 half’s, and numerous other distance road races including Olympic/ sprint distance triathlons.

Anyone who knows me knows I am a process/ manufacturing engineer by background. For me understanding the process behind something and how little changes can have big effects has always fascinated me. That inquisitive nature triggered my interest in the whole world of triathlon: racing, coaching, race organisation, technical official as well as the supporter side of it.  

I have been very fortunate over the years to have been part of some of the biggest triathlon events held on the island of Ireland.  DCT (Dublin City Triathlon +1000 athletes) head of transition 2015/2016, Technical Official, Ironman Cork 2019. This has help develop how I view events and how they are delivered by different clubs and organisations. Some of the best races are the local organised club races. One of those it the Tri-Kingdom come held in Fenit which I have been a technical official at for a few years.

The knowledge, insight and understanding of triathlon, you gather from working in different aspects of races has benefited me hugely as a coach, athlete, and race event organiser. I can bring that back to the training sessions with the athletes in Mallow Tri and really enjoy working with the club members in delivering these sessions. Mallow is a young, exciting, and growing club where the experience base is growing every year. As the club grows it allows us to grow the club’s offerings to its members. 

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